1. How far in advance of my wedding do I have to order a ketubbah?

A minimum of three months.

2. Which text should I use?

Generally it is determined by the type of synagogue with which you are affiliated. If you choose to have an English text, rabbis will usually allow a modern version of the text, as long as the Hebrew of Aramaic is the one they want.

3. What materials are used for the ketubbah?

The paper is 100% rag, acid free, 300 pound watercolor paper. The border is painted with artist grade watercolors. The mat and backing are acid free and the ketubbah is covered with an acetate sleeve.

4. Can we have a design for our ketubbah that is not on the website?

Yes, the design can be anything you want it to be. Each one is designed to suit your individual requests.

If you have any other questions not covered by the FAQs please check out the how to order/contact us area or contact us at: judaica@goldfinearts.com if you need more information. Thank you.

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